WETEC 2023 Stuttgart

WETEC 2023 Stuttgart
WETEC 2023 Stuttgart

This year, the advertising technology trade fair WETEC took place again in Stuttgart.

Reason enough to meet up there yourself and check out the latest news and trends in the industry. You want to be up to date for customers and partners.

After a 2-hour drive in the pouring rain, we arrived in Stuttgart and after a quick check-in at the hotel right next to the trade fair, we set off on an exploratory tour through three halls full of machines, products and materials.

My first impression was that the trade fair had become smaller and more manageable. Fewer large machines and fewer innovative new products were on display; the industry knows each other and shows what it knows.

In the textile sector, DTF and DTG printing have definitely reached small businesses. The merchandising sector seems to have shrunk - reason enough for us to include a separate trade fair in the merchandising sector in the program for this year.

The abolition of international borders seems to be opening up the market, especially to the East. Many service providers for semi-finished products for further processing from the East haggle over customers.

I am not sure how much this will impact our market and our pricing structure in the future.

With mixed feelings and few new impressions, we head home after two days.

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