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🌟 Werde Teil der Familie! 🌟

🌟 Werde Teil der Familie! 🌟

Liebe/r Fashion-Liebhaber/in und Social-Media-Guru, 👕 Bist du bereit, deine Leidenschaft für Mode und Marketing zu vereinen? Dann werde jetzt Markenbotschafter und Influencer für! 🚀🌈 Entdecke die Welt der bedruckten ... Read more
Drinks aus einer anderen Welt - dank Trockeneis

Drinks from another world - thanks to dry ice

The COOGGY drink cooler with dry ice is the latest innovation on the market for cooling and presenting drinks in a unique way. With its special design and cool mist effect, the COOGGY attracts attention and delights guests at events... Read more
Neue Podcast-Folge: Sichtbarkeit - Was heisst das eigentlich

New podcast episode: Visibility - What does that actually mean

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Ein kreatives Meisterwerk für die Schulgemeinde Neukirch: Unser Logo für die Zukunft!

A creative masterpiece for the Neukirch school community: Our logo for the future!

Neue Podcastfolge "Ferien eine Erfolgsfalle?"

New podcast episode "Are holidays a success trap?"

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Neue Podcastfolge "Wie werde ich eigentlich sichtbar?"

New podcast episode "How do I actually become visible?"

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Wie entsteht eigentlich ein Logo?

How is a logo actually created?

# The path to the perfect logo design: An insight into the process As an experienced commercial artist, it is my passion to design logos that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also perfectly reflect a company's identity and m... Read more
Entdecke die neuesten Gadgets und Verbrauchsgegenstände bei uns!

Discover the latest gadgets and consumables with us!

Directly to our shop 🚀 Welcome to our blog, where innovation and creativity meet! As an agency that works with numerous clients who want to successfully market their products, we are privileged to have early access to a variety of e... Read more
Flyergestaltung und Druck für Simon von Superpatch Appenzell

Flyer design and printing for Simon from Superpatch Appenzell

🐾🌿 *News from Superpatch Appenzell!* 🌟 Today we are excited to tell you that we were able to design a unique flyer for Simon from Superpatch Appenzell ! 🎨🐶 With this flyer we want to make Superpatch known in the Appenzell neighborh... Read more
Mit Payrex und Weitsicht Suisse: Bequemes Bezahlen auf unserer Webseite

With Payrex and Weitsicht Suisse: Convenient payment on our website

Welcome back to our blog, dear readers! 🌟 Today we would like to inform you about an exciting new development: Thanks to the cool payment terminal from Payrexx, which we use at Weitsicht Suisse, you can now also make purchases on ou... Read more
Neue Podcastfolge "Positionierung als Grundlage für deinen Erfolg"

New podcast episode "Positioning as the basis for your success"

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Der Weg zu nachhaltigem Erfolg im Sport durch Monstersponsoring

The path to sustainable success in sport through monster sponsorship

Dear fellow athletes, Today I would like to share with you my experiences of how I have opened up a new and long-term source of income through the innovative Monster Sponsorship system, which has changed my life as an athlete forev... Read more
Markenrecht 101: So schützen Sie Ihre Marke

Trademark Law 101: How to Protect Your Brand

In today's world where competition and originality are at a premium, it is crucial for companies to protect their brands. Trademark law plays a central role in ensuring that your brand is protected from imitation and misuse. In this... Read more
Warum sich langfristiges Sparen durch die Beauftragung von hochwertigen Grafikdateien lohnt

Why long-term savings are worthwhile by ordering high-quality graphic files

Dear readers, As a graphic designer with many years of experience, today I would like to talk to you about a topic that is often neglected when it comes to creating graphics: the quality of the graphic files. It may seem tempting at... Read more
*Warum gutes Grafikdesign so wichtig ist: Die Schlüsselrolle von Markenrecht und Wiedererkennbarkeit*

*Why good graphic design is so important: The key role of trademark law and recognition*

As an experienced graphic designer and brand specialist, I am keen to emphasise the importance of good graphic design for companies and brands. In today's world where visual communication plays an increasingly important role, it is ... Read more
Neue Podcastfolge "Effizienz & Co."

New podcast episode "Efficiency & Co."

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Druckkosten sparen durch Vordrucke bei Briefpapier und Formularen

Save printing costs by using preprinted stationery and forms

Did you know that using pre-printed stationery is a smart way to reduce printing costs? Here is some additional information that can help you save even more: - The more colorful your stationery is, the faster a pre-printed document... Read more
Flyergestaltung und Druck für Carelife

Flyer design and printing for Carelife

*🌟🎨📄 Design and printing of a flyer for Simon and Anna from Carelife Amriswil! 🌟🎨📄* Hello dear readers! Today I am very happy to share with you an exciting project that we recently worked on here at WEiTSICHT! ✨ We had the great opp... Read more
Die 10 größten Fehler bei E-Mail-Signaturen und wie man sie vermeidet

The 10 biggest email signature mistakes and how to avoid them

The email signature is an often overlooked, yet important element of any business correspondence. A well-designed signature can help underline your professionalism and convey important information about you or your company. Unfortu... Read more
16 Tipps und Angebote rund um Eventmarketing

16 tips and offers for event marketing

As a club, it is often a challenge to generate enough attention for your own events. An effective advertising strategy is therefore crucial to increase the number of participants and make the event a success. In this blog post, we w... Read more
Groß, Bunt und Sturmfest: Die Magie der Werbeblachen! 🌈⛈

Big, colorful and stormproof: The magic of advertising banners! 🌈⛈

Welcome back to my blog, friends of the advertising world! Today it's all about an underrated gem of advertising opportunities: the good old advertising banner. 🎨💼 Imagine: A windy day is dawning, dark clouds are gathering, but you... Read more
🌿🌼 Entdecke die fantastischen Produkte von Superpatch! 🌼🌿

🌿🌼 Discover the fantastic products from Superpatch! 🌼🌿

🌿🌼 Discover the fantastic products from Superpatch! 🌼🌿 🌟 FREEDOM: Finally, natural pain relief! Say goodbye to annoying pain and enjoy life to the fullest. 💪 Get FREEDOM now at: 🌟... Read more
Sitzt, passt, wackelt, hat Luft: Warum bedruckte Klappsessel das Must-Have für dein nächstes Open-Air-Abenteuer sind! 🪑🌞

Sits, fits, wobbles, has air: Why printed folding chairs are the must-have for your next open-air adventure! 🪑🌞

Sits, fits, wobbles, has air: Why printed folding chairs are the must-have for your next open-air adventure! 🪑🌞 Check out this post on Instagram A... Read more
🚗 Steigern Sie die Sichtbarkeit Ihres Unternehmens mit individuellen Autobeschriftungen! 🚗

🚗 Increase the visibility of your company with individual car lettering! 🚗

🚗 Increase the visibility of your company with individual car lettering! 🚗 Check out this post on Instagram A post shared by Weitsicht Designagentur GmbH (@agentur_weitsich... Read more
👔 Geben Sie Ihrem Team den professionellen Look, den es verdient!

👔 Give your team the professional look it deserves!

👔 Give your team the professional look it deserves! With printed and embroidered workwear, your company stands out from the crowd and strengthens the team spirit. 🚀 Discover now the advantages of customized workwear for small and me... Read more
Unsere Sousaphon-T-Shirts sind der Hit für Musiker mit Geschmack! 🎶

Our sousaphone t-shirts are a hit for musicians with taste! 🎶

🎵 **Sounds as deep as the ocean, style as cool as ice... Our sousaphone t-shirts are a hit for musicians with taste! 🎶** Check out this post on Instagram ... Read more
Visitenkarten - ein tolles Tool für Sichtbarkeit

Business cards - a great tool for visibility 🌟 Become unforgettable like a unicorn on stilts - with our freshly printed business cards! 🦄🌈 Because let's be honest, what is more memorable than a chic card with yo... Read more
🌟 **Entdecke die magische Welt der Lasergravur-Giveaways! 🎁✨**

🌟 **Discover the magical world of laser engraving giveaways! 🎁✨**

🌟 **Discover the magical world of laser engraving giveaways! 🎁✨** Check out this post on Instagram A post shared by Weitsicht Designagentur GmbH (@agentur_weitsicht) Read more
Kick-Off mit Knalleffekt: Warum ein Workshop bei uns dein Marketing auf Trab bringt!

Kick-off with a bang: Why a workshop with us will boost your marketing!

Kick-off with a bang: Why a workshop with us will boost your marketing! Hello dear readers, Are you looking for a breath of fresh air for your marketing in your small or medium-sized company? Then you have come to the right place! W... Read more
Fahrzeugbeschriftung und jede Menge Merch für Physio im Lot

Vehicle lettering and lots of merch for Physio im Lot

Title: "New era for Physio im Lot: Sportiness in focus! 🏋‍♂👕🚗" In the last few weeks we had the pleasure of designing and printing new T-shirts for the company Physio im Lot. 🎽🖨 The designs were created with great care and creativi... Read more
Die Vorteile einer guten Gebäude Signaletik: Warum sie so wichtig ist

The benefits of good building signage: Why it is so important

### The benefits of good building signage: Why it is so important The signage in a building plays a crucial role in the orientation of visitors and employees. Well-thought-out building signage can not only help people find their way... Read more
Tipps & Tricks rund um's Thema Visitenkarten

Tips & tricks about business cards

Be unforgettable like a unicorn on stilts - with our freshly printed business cards! 🦄🌈 Because let's be honest, what is more memorable than a chic card with your name on it that even outshines your customer's coffee stains? Let yo... Read more
Neue Podcastfolge "Gedankenexperiment Hypnose"

New podcast episode "Thought Experiment Hypnosis"

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Neue Podcastfolge "Unternehmerisch mit seiner Zeit umgehen"

New podcast episode "Using your time entrepreneurially"

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Neue Podcastfolge "Warum kauft der Kunde eigentlich"

New podcast episode "Why does the customer actually buy?"

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Neue Podcastfolge "Social Selling - wie sozial kann man im Internet verkaufen"

New podcast episode "Social Selling - how social can you sell on the Internet"

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Neue Podcastfolge "in der Ruhe liegt die Kraft"

New podcast episode "in calm lies strength"

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Neue Podcastfolge "Die Macht des Miteinander"

New podcast episode "The Power of Togetherness"

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Neue Podcastfolge "die Macht des positiven Denkens"

New podcast episode "The Power of Positive Thinking"

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Neue Podcastfolge "Wer bin ich ?"

New podcast episode "Who am I?"

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Wir eröffnen einen Podcast

We are starting a podcast

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Sportsponsoring für Volleyballnacht 2024 by SSC AUDAX, Amriswil

Sports sponsorship for Volleyball Night 2024 by SSC AUDAX, Amriswil

In the exciting preparation for the SSC Audax Volleyball Night 2024, we have set up a significant sponsorship for the club, which has made the event an unforgettable experience for everyone! 🏐💪 Our generous support not only included... Read more
🎨👕 *Neues Projekt: T-Shirts und Caps für Altbar Büri!* 🧢🎉

🎨👕 *New project: T-shirts and caps for Altbar Büri!* 🧢🎉

🎨👕 *New project: T-shirts and caps for Altbar Büri!* 🧢🎉 We are thrilled to be part of the Altbar cultural project in Büri! The converted church, which now serves as a cultural bar, inspired us to design eye-catching T-shirts in brig... Read more
Einheitlicher Auftritt mit Stil und Teamgeist! 🏐👕*

Uniform appearance with style and team spirit! 🏐👕*

🌟 Today we are very happy to tell you about an exciting project that we have been working on with full commitment. 🎉 We had the honor of designing and printing the new polo shirts for the SSC Audax Volleyball Amriswil club! 🙌 The sh... Read more
Na, DAS riecht nach Erfolg

Well, THAT smells like success

It doesn't always have to be a sports car! Today we were allowed to label a pressure barrel. Vehicle lettering can also be really cool, even as cool as the new design for the new pressure barrels from Keller Agrartechnik in Herisau!... Read more
Neue Ära für den Tennis-Club Bächli: Tolle Trainings-Tenues für die Tennis-Asse

New era for the Bächli Tennis Club: Great training outfits for the tennis aces

The Bächli Tennis Club has taken an exciting step into a new era full of style and professionalism - and we were there to support them! As a proud partner, we were able to print exclusive merchandise and training tones for the club,... Read more
Caps für die Dachdecker-Profis von RIGET

Caps for the roofing professionals from RIGET

🌟🏗🧢 Today we would like to introduce you to an exciting project in which we were involved - the company Riget Dachdecker ordered new caps from us for their roofing teams! 🧢🌟 The caps were created with a stunning 3D embroidery that m... Read more
Neuer Name, Logo und Firmenauftritt für Allroundservice Büchler, Gossau

New name, logo and corporate identity for Allroundservice Büchler, Gossau

The company Rasenbüther has been our customer for many years. Just in time for the start of the gardening season, we were able to accompany Daniel Büchler and his team in finding a new company name: All-round service Büchler ... Read more
Sichtbarkeit - was tust Du dafür? Schreib's mir in die Kommentare!

Visibility - what are you doing for it? Write it to me in the comments!

In today's digital era, where competition is intense in almost all industries, visibility is crucial for companies. A strong presence in the relevant channels and media is a key factor in a company's success. Why is visibility so... Read more
Eine weitere Heckscheibe für Carelife

Another rear window for Carelife

We were able to produce and install another rear window lettering for the networkers at Carelife . We are also happy to install these on the fly, during a car breakdown, until the breakdown rescue service arrives - we are flexibl... Read more
Positionierungs-Workshop für Hypnose am Rhein

Positioning workshop for hypnosis on the Rhine

I have known Moni from the practice " Hypnose am Rhein " since my training in Bregenz with Sean Michaels, the fastest hypnotist in the world, where we were able to practice "lightning hypnosis" together for two days. A workshop da... Read more
Neues Firmenfahrzeug

New company vehicle

Our new company vehicle is a NISSAN Qashqai and of course it has fresh lettering. We are happy to be recognized by you! Waving is allowed ;) Read more
Sousiwanderig top ausgestattet

Sousiwanderig top equipped

The 13th Sousi hike took place on May 27, 2023. Our managing director, Simon, himself a Sousi player at Riethüsligugge St.Gallen and Sousi addict, insisted on taking part with a specially labeled instrument, casual Sousi shirts fro... Read more
Neue Schaufensterbeschriftung für Fahrschule Mirella

New window lettering for Mirella driving school

The Mirella driving school has been a loyal customer for years. We were all the more pleased that we were able to combine the new lettering on your shop window at the Rheintal driving school center with a delicious dinner after the... Read more
Merch-Shirts und Caps für URS Kaiser den Holz-Hero aus Schweizer(s)Holz

Merch shirts and caps for URS Kaiser the wood hero made of Swiss wood

We had the honor of creating beautiful, creative T-shirts and caps from Swiss wood for the Urs Kaiser company! 🌲🎩 With a logo that is so sensitive that even the trees are jealous! 🌳😄 In black and white, like a panda with a lumberjac... Read more
Teamshirts für Fussballmannschaft

Team shirts for football team

A few years ago we were able to print jerseys for the football team sponsored by The boys have now outgrown the children's jerseys and we were able to create new football jerseys for the adult league. Thank you very m... Read more
Neues Logo - neue Beschriftung für Carelife

New logo - new label for Carelife

Nathalie Lenner from Carelife is not only ahead in networking. As soon as the new Carelife logo is ready, Nathalie naturally wants to update her rear window lettering... Said and done. She doesn't want the QR codes on it anymore... Read more
Neue Uniformhemden für die Tambouren der Eintracht Rorschach

New uniform shirts for the drummers of Eintracht Rorschach

The drummers of Eintracht Rorschach are making great strides towards the Swiss championship. For this occasion, new shirts had to be printed and the club logo for the drummers had to be adapted a little. The motto of the tac... Read more
Magnetschilder machen den Autolack kaputt

Magnetic signs damage car paint

The feature of magnetic signs, which is touted in advertisements, sounds tempting: the advertising can be removed from the car as often as you like and remounted in a matter of seconds.

This is made possible by a magnetic coating behind the digital print on a robust PVC coating, which is optimally laminated and protected against wind and weather.

What sounds so simple has its pitfalls.

NEU: Finanziere deine Werbung in Raten mit HEIDIPAY

NEW: Finance your advertising in installments with HEIDIPAY

From April 20, 2023, PAYMENT INSTALLMENTS of up to 24 monthly installments are possible in our shop

Heidipay is a simple card-based payment solution for invoice or installment purchases. Heidipay makes it possible to finance purchases with interest-free monthly payment plans of up to 24 months. Customers have the flexibility to pay over time

Find out more about the new installment payment method in our shop.

Die Ladenkasse der Zukunft: QR Codes

The cash register of the future: QR codes

They are square, reminiscent of an image disturbance and are incredibly practical: QR codes. Find out now how QR codes work, what advantages they bring and why you should also offer your customers the cute squares for payment. ... Read more
Job- & Workwear - Von A wie Autowerkstatt bis Z wie Zahnarztpraxis

Job & Workwear - From A like car repair shop to Z like dentist's office

Job & Workwear - From A like car repair shop to Z like dentist's office The world of professions is huge and with it the items that equip each industry individually: Health & Beauty gastronomy ... Read more
STORMTECH - hält in Kanada genauso wie beim Schmuddelwetter in der Schweiz

STORMTECH - works just as well in Canada as it does in bad weather in Switzerland

Born in the rugged rainforests of Canada's west coast of British Columbia, raised with the experiences of rain, snow and sun and perfected with modern designs and exclusive technology, STORMTECH creates durable clothing that offe... Read more
Kennst Du Neutral® ?

Do you know Neutral®?

Hey, have you heard of the sustainable clothing brand Neutral®? They have been producing clothing with genuine respect for people and the environment for over 20 years. They take a holistic approach and focus on commitment and co... Read more
Empfange wiederkehrende Zahlungen mit TWINT, Visa, Mastercard und Co.

Receive recurring payments with TWINT, Visa, Mastercard and Co.

In today's digital world, everything has to be quick and convenient. It is becoming increasingly important for you to offer your customers the Payment as easy and convenient as possible One way to do this is through recurring pay... Read more

Advertising banners

Compared to a rigid sign, an advertising banner has the advantage that it is easier to transport and install and is considered a temporary installation. This means that even if it is larger than one square meter, no building permit ... Read more
Grosses Taschensortiment

Large range of bags

We are currently building up a large range of printable bags in our online shop.

Bags in particular are a promotional item that is useful and has a relatively large advertising space.

Getränkeuntersetzer aus Kork mit Lasergravur

Cork drink coasters with laser engraving

For Iris Eichmann and her Marco, we were able to design matching drink coasters for their passion for camping and refine them with the laser as a small thank you for arranging an order. We thank you very much and are already look... Read more
WETEC 2023 Stuttgart

WETEC 2023 Stuttgart

This year the advertising technology fair took place in Stuttgart again WETEC instead of.

Reason enough to make a rendezvous there and to examine the latest news and trends in the industry. You want to be up to date be.



STAY SAFE - OUR HIGHLIGHTS FOR GOOD VISIBILITY From now on, your customers will shine with reflective clothing. Reflective and neon-colored Whether in sports, as workwear or children's clothing ... Hi-Vis ensures maximum ... Read more
Minersmate - Eine Welt. Eine Marke. Viele Kumpel!

Minersmate - One world. One brand. Many friends!

One world. One brand. Many friends! With the new #mypuremate collection, our colleagues from #minersmate prove that sustainability can be combined with casual styles and the necessary amount of fairness in production. Take a clos... Read more
Corporate Wear für URS KAISER

Corporate Wear for URS KAISER

We have a long-standing collaboration with URS KAISER and his wood factory in Schweizersholz TG. URS' love of wood always results in particularly beautiful, decorative items, which can also be found in our shop . Now we were al... Read more
Was kostet eine negative Bewertung

What does a negative review cost

click the link, thanks! A single negative review costs companies an average of 30 customers - this was the finding of a study by the Convergys Corporation. What does this mean in concrete terms? Let's take Sven Mey... Read more
Negative Bewertungen sind gut für’s Business

Negative reviews are good for business

click the link, thanks! You know where negative reviews are, you have reacted appropriately and shown yourself to be confident and insightful. How can this situation increase your sales? Womply found in a study that cus... Read more
Incentives / Werbegeschenke - im Gedächtnis bleiben

Incentives / promotional gifts - stay in people's minds

In the fast-paced times we live in, our memory span is getting shorter and shorter. We experience too many new, exciting, thrilling and entertaining things every minute and new media bombard us with a constant stream of incessant in... Read more
Deine Bewertungsstrategie

Your evaluation strategy

Reviews help with purchasing decisions. We all know this: No matter whether it was a good meal in a restaurant, a fast delivery service, a particularly nice shirt, a punctual UBER driver or a good movie... - we rate it. The 5 s... Read more
QR-Code-Zahlungen — wie sie funktionieren und warum QR-Codes das kontaktlose Bezahlen revolutionieren werden

QR code payments — how they work and why QR codes will revolutionize contactless payments

QR code payments are one of the most efficient and easiest ways to make online payments. QR code payments first took off in 2017 when Apple introduced active QR code scanners in smartphones. Statistics show that the use of... Read more
PlusSIZE macht SPASS!!!

PlusSIZE is FUN!!!

Plus size is boring and inconspicuous, you think? We're putting an end to that now! In our online shop you will find the right items in the right sizes for every industry and for almost every occasion. Sporty outfits, fashionable... Read more


FASHIONABLE BUSINESS LOOKS FROM FIGURE-HITTING TO CASUAL… Your employees' shirts and blouses will be a real eye-catcher thanks to subtle embroidery or printing, ensuring an unmistakable identity and a perfectly coordinate... Read more
Farbtrends 2023

Color trends 2023

In 2023, bright colors and reissued classics will dominate our collections Let yourself be inspired by our variety of items and bring your range up to date. From basic T-shirts to key chains, we present you popular items ... Read more
Optisches Tuning für Massarbeits-Bus

Optical tuning for custom-made bus

CULTVans from Abtwil makes custom-made bus conversions. To make sure it looks just as cool from the outside, we were allowed to create a design with geographical contour lines and print and apply it in a matt black finish. Read more
Erfahrungsbericht HYPNOSE Ausbildung

Experience report HYPNOSIS training

In autumn 2022, the idea took shape to explore the functionality and effect of language on our subconscious from a much more practical perspective, as a supplement to my NLP training and various sales trainer training courses in the... Read more
Teamcaps für

Team caps for

For our regular customer we were allowed to produce embroidered caps for their team. Thank you very much for your valued order Read more
Sogar beim Chillen auf dem Sofa individuell - JOGGINGHOSEN

Even when chilling on the sofa, you can wear it individually - JOGGING PANTS

So for a piece of clothing that so many people wear while lying on the sofa eating chips, these JOGGING PANTS have a rather unusual name... Nevertheless, you will find over 70 examples of this practical companion in our r... Read more
Sousi Rhyno - die Idee

Sousi Rhyno - the idea

It is well known that our managing director is a sousaphone fan and ecstasy carnival-goer . When a group of equally frenetic Sousi fans bought out half of our Sousi-Badass shop , we created the Sousi-Rhyno . A mascot befitting a ... Read more
Wandteller für Familienanlass mit Holzgravur

Wall plate for family occasion with wood engraving

For a "homesick Italiano" we were allowed to design a symbolic image of his homeland Basilicata in Italy in an engraved look and engrave it on a decorative oak plate, which comes from the handicraft workshop of URS KAISER in Schw... Read more
Dekorative Kerzenlichter by URS KAISER als Platzschilder für Weihnachtsfeier

Decorative candle lights by URS KAISER as place signs for Christmas parties

For the Christmas party of the Näf, Barozzino and Widmer families, we were allowed to engrave decorative, hand-made lanterns made of oiled oak wood from the URS KAISER factory with nameplates and a specially designed emblem. Yo... Read more
Schlüsselanhänger aus Holz mit Laser graviert

Wooden keychain engraved with laser

For the company Givaudan we were able to create sustainable key organizers made of wood engrave with your logo. The finishing of various materials such as wood, acrylic, leather, bamboo, various metals, painted objects etc. is in... Read more
Konturschnitte aus weissem Acryl

Contour cuts made of white acrylic

Cake toppers or wall stickers can also be cut out of acrylic in an elegant and delicate way using the laser cutter. Read more
Lasergravur auf transparentes Acryl

Laser engraving on transparent acrylic

If you engrave transparent acrylic on the surface and illuminate the edges with LEDs, you can create a special glow in the writing, as can be seen here on a project work for a teacher training course for which we were allowed to do ... Read more
Flyer für CERTIQUA - Empfehlungsprofis

Flyer for CERTIQUA - Recommendation Professionals

We have been able to maintain an intensive collaboration with the assessment professionals at CERTIQUA since 2022. We were also able to write and design your new tutorial flyer Apply "Get more reviews". Since then, our tips have... Read more
Hölzerne Signaletik mit Lasergravur

Wooden signage with laser engraving

For the new opening of the elegant restaurant "Peter & Paul" in St.Gallen, we were able to implement the in-house signage on rustic wooden panels with laser engraving according to the design of the house. Read more
Carelife Network wird auch auf den Strassen sichtbar

Carelife Network also becomes visible on the streets

Nathalie Lenner from Carelife wants to become more visible on the streets for her network marketing. Said and done: - Rear window lettering with logo and link - Two large QR codes that lead directly to your landing page. We... Read more
Nachhaltige Trinkflasche für Firmenfusion

Sustainable drinking bottle for company merger

RVT Versicherungstreuhand AG and ARBENZ und Partner AG go their separate ways. On the occasion of the historic occasion of the merger of the companies, all employees were to be given a sustainable drinking bottle with a metal tea... Read more
Logo und Arbeitsbekleidung im DTF Druckverfahren für LmC33

Logo and workwear in DTF printing process for LmC33

Logo design according to exact customer specifications. Implementation of various work clothes using the DTF process. Read more
Veredelte Schneidebrettli - Lasergravur für Geschenke

Refined cutting boards - laser engraving for gifts

A simple gift like a fine oak cutting board can instantly become more individual and personal if you add a specially designed laser engraving. Of course, we are also happy to produce such pieces of jewellery in series for you, fo... Read more
Tischdekoration für Taufe mit Holzgravur

Table decoration for baptism with wood engraving

At celebrations, table decoration is always a delicate matter. It should be celebratory, useful enough for the guest to take home, but also personal and lasting. And of course it should also be feasible for a small budget Can we!... Read more
Witzige Heckscheibe für Neulenkerin

Funny rear window for new drivers

Belinda Jordi's first car should be an eye-catcher. Because of your rear window. She brought the saying and the idea with her, and we implemented, produced and assembled the design and the plot for her. Have a safe trip, Belind... Read more
Neue Webseite für

New website for

The company was founded in 2021 as part of a collaboration with the company Ruggiero Photography from Flawil SG. The photographer Rodolfo Ruggiero wanted to make his services around his 3D Matterport camera more access... Read more
Neuer Webshop

New webshop

The owner of decided in 2021 to create a second shop for the individualized product lines. For this shop, which was created from a copy of the original shop (no longer our work), we were allowed to cr... Read more
Neue Webseite für FHNW Merchandise Shop

New website for FHNW Merchandise Shop

The University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland with its numerous locations approached us in 2021 with the request to create its own textile merchandise collection. After some design suggestions and textile sampling, th... Read more
Neue Webseite für HEFARI Schweizer Fasnachtsverband

New website for HEFARI Swiss Carnival Association

As part of a multi-year membership on the board of HEFARI, my marketing and communications department also included refreshing the communications concept, introducing and implementing a new website and designing the new social media... Read more
Fahrschule HUMA

Driving school HUMA

new car, proven design Read more
Rollendes Filmstudio

Rolling film studio

Another emergency vehicle for Gallus Media AG was released into road traffic with a timeless design. Read more
Flottenbeschriftung für Heliobus

Fleet labeling for Heliobus

A complete showroom and field service fleet in a new guise. Read more
Wohnmobil im neuen Gwand

Motorhome in a new outfit

For our long-time customer Peter Heierli, we were able to breathe new, fun life into his holiday motorhome. The specially developed billy goat layout lets everyone know "We are from Gääs!" We wish you happy holidays, Peter! Read more
Redesign und div. Beschriftungen für NEFF Mietservice

Redesign and various labels for NEFF rental service

For NEFF rental service we were able to create a complete redesign and add fresh labels to cars and trailers. We were also able to design a social media strategy on Instagram and Facebook, as well as various printed materials and... Read more
Desinfektionssprays als Werbeartikel

Disinfectant sprays as promotional items

The company brings cleaning companies up to speed. We were able to create many advertising materials for the cleaning professional coaches. In the early stages of the Corona pandemic, these disinfectants were als... Read more
Wullehex Logo und Autobeschriftung

Wullehex logo and car lettering

Wullehex logo and car lettering implemented. Read more
black/white Version für Automatik

black/white version for automatic

The Mirella driving school has expressed the wish to imitate the neon green lettering of the manual car as a classy black and white look for the automatic transmission lessons. Implemented: Read more
Ledergravur für Bären Gonten

Leather engraving for Bären Gonten

Through a service provider who produced the new serving trays for the upscale restaurant Bären Gonten , we had the pleasure of creating the leather engraving of the fine pieces. Laser engraving on matt tanned cowhide. Read more
Autobeschriftung Schweizerfasnacht

Car lettering Swiss carnival

We were able to design and implement a great car lettering for Monika Feierabend from Have a good trip! Read more
Giftgrünes Design für MediaInception

Poison green design for MediaInception

Poison green design for MediaInception Read more
Promocaps für Chopfli's Holderwyy

Promocaps for Chopfli's Holderwyy

Promocaps for Chopfli's Holderwyy Logo design created according to the customer's ideas and implemented as embroidery. Read more
Promocap für Light by Roman Feierabend

Promocap for Light by Roman Feierabend

Promocap for Light by Roman Feierabend Read more
Autobeschriftung für CFZ Nailarts

Car lettering for CFZ Nailarts

Car lettering for CFZ Nailarts Read more
Familienwappen dezent auf s Auto

Family crest discreetly on the car

Even subtle labels need to be cleaned up. For Fritz Haueis from Appenzell, we were able to graphically recreate his family coat of arms based on a photo and use it as a lettering for his new car. Thank you for the nice order! Read more
Autobeschriftung für Bürgi's Powerhennen

Car lettering for Bürgi's Powerhens

Car lettering for Bürgi's Powerhens Read more
Weihnachtsessen 2019

Christmas dinner 2019

After a trip to Typorama in Bischofszell, we spent a great evening at Pasta & Sound in Hagenwil Castle, where we toasted to the next year in the grandmother's room after a speech by our company owner Simon Widmer. Our regular ... Read more
DJ mit neuen Logo und stylischem Auto

DJ with new logo and stylish car

For a new car lettering by DJ AndyXS, a new logo was quickly designed and immediately implemented on the car Read more
Plottschriften und Freiform Konturschnitte – kreativer Cut

Plott fonts and freeform contour cuts – creative cut

For labeling in the automotive, textile or building sectors, so-called plotting elements are often used. They are called this because these free forms, fonts or graphic elements are cut out of a film using a plotter (cutting mach... Read more
Gurtschnallen und Flachmänner für das Pub Appenzell

Belt buckles and hip flasks for the Pub Appenzell

The Pub Appenzell makes special and unusual Small gifts for the employees. These are unique items that cannot be purchased and are intended exclusively for the staff. In a consultation with the owner of the Pub Appenzell After ... Read more
Wie können Farbabweichungen vermieden werden?

How can color variations be avoided?

If the colors appear different on the monitor than in print, this is referred to as a color deviation. This can be due to several factors: e.g. calibration of the monitor, incorrectly used color space, incorrect color p... Read more
Welchen Unterschied gibt es zwischen Vektoren und Pixeln?

What is the difference between vectors and pixels?

Vector data always produces better quality than pixel images due to their precise geometric definition. Vector data can be freely scaled because they are not calculated over and over again using pixels, but rather using mathematical... Read more
Welchen Unterschied gibt es zwischen CMYK und RGB?

What is the difference between CMYK and RGB?

RGB colors are primary colors in additive color mixing. Additive colors are mixed with light and are used in television monitors or digital cameras, for example. If you mix all RGB colors together, you get white. This i... Read more
Welches Farbprofil sollte ich verwenden?

Which color profile should I use?

Color profiles determine the color space of a color input or color reproduction device. Color profiles are called ICC profiles and describe the size of the color space that a certain device (printer, scanner, monitor, d... Read more
Eine kleine Lehre der Schriften …

A little lesson from the scriptures…

If you use text in your print data, you should make sure that the fonts are embedded in the file. This means that all relevant information about the font is saved in the file. In many print files, the error occurs tha... Read more
Cutkontur richtig anlegen

Create the cut contour correctly

Cut contour – what is it and how do I create it? Cut, sleeker, cut contour: If you want your printed products to stand out from the crowd, you can use free forms to create smart, extravagant accents. This article provides tips o... Read more
Sponsoring für die Fasnacht Gais

Sponsorship for the Fasnacht Gais

For the Fasnacht Gais , we were able to act as a sponsor for the fourth time this year. Fasnacht Gais is a model example when it comes to sponsorship. Every year, original Advertising media selected, which are individually printe... Read more
Fahrschule Knupp Fahrzeugbeschriftung

Driving school Knupp vehicle lettering

Anyone who books their driving lessons at the Knupp driving school in Speicher in the future can now do so in a driving school car that has been newly labelled by us. A few weeks ago, the owner of the Driving school Knupp , Urs K... Read more

Rear window advertising

Rear window advertising Read more
Anpassung der Zahlungsmöglichkeiten

Adjustment of payment options

Due to an increasing number of fraud attempts and prepayment orders whose invoices were then not paid, we have decided, as of today, August 22, 2019, to temporarily remove the “prepayment” purchase option from our payment options s... Read more
Auto- und Foodtruck Gesamtprojekt

Car and food truck overall project

For the newly founded, mobile specialty grill "Giampis" we were allowed to design the logo as well as the car and the new food truck. Read more
Rollendes Tonstudio beschriftet

Rolling recording studio labeled

For the sound professionals from Gallus Media AG in St.Gallen, we were able to label various rolling broadcast vehicles with a design we had specially developed for them Read more
Eindruck mit NEON

Impression with NEON

For our digital partner agency MEDIA INCEPTION we were allowed to create a logo and apply it in NEON green to their black bus. Read more
Autobeschriftung für Giampis

Car lettering for Giampis

Chrome design for the noble food truck Read more

File formats

Which file formats can I use? Not every file format is suitable for printing. Resolution, color space and compression play a major role in achieving a perfect print result. For printing, you should always save your d... Read more
Showmobil für Heliobus

Showmobile for Heliobus

Based on heliobus' CI guidelines, we were able to develop and install advertising signage for the Licht-Spiegel Profis rolling showroom. Read more
Rollendes Massagestudio

Rolling massage studio

We were able to develop a design for the rolling counterpart to the St. Gallen branch of Logou Powernapstudio and apply it to the brand new bus massage studio. Read more
Bäumige Beschriftung für NEFF Service

Tree-like labeling for NEFF Service

Based on a hand sketch, we recreated the NEFF Service logo and put the car lettering in the spotlight Read more
Tourbus für ZWAIRAD

Tour bus for ZWAIRAD

The downhill bikers from ZWAIRAID now transport their mountain bikes in the newly labeled tour bus. A new logo with a snappy tagline in fresh summer colors was completed in time for the bike season. Read more
Auffälliger Sanitärbus

Eye-catching sanitation bus

For the IGH from the Rhine Valley, we were able to design a new logo based on their sketch templates and create car lettering and various printed materials. Read more
Beschriftung eines Snackwagens

Labeling of a snack cart

Based on a graphic template from an external agency, we were allowed to label this food truck Read more
Wahlkampfmobil für SVP SG

Campaign vehicle for SVP SG

We were allowed to label the tour vehicle for the election campaign of Donat Kuratli, SVP SG. Read more
Erneuerung Leuchtwerbung Dopple & Jäger Gossau SG

Renewal of illuminated advertising Dopple & Jäger Gossau SG

In an incident of vandalism, the old neon sign of the Dopple & Jäger music store in Gossau was damaged. As long-standing instrument customers during carnival time, we were allowed to take on the role of supplier this time. Th... Read more
Werbebeschriftung für Chromtech

Advertising lettering for Chromtech

Advertising lettering for Chromtech Read more
Auslierferbus neu beschriftet

Delivery bus relabeled

The promotional product professionals from Promidea are setting off with the new logo on their delivery vans just in time for the company's name change. Read more
Schläpfer Sanitär im neuen Design

Schläpfer Sanitary in a new design

After a complete redesign with a new logo, printed materials and website, we were also able to give Schläpfer Sanitär’s assembly bus a new look. Read more
Promo Mobil für RHC Events

Promo Mobile for RHC Events

RHC Events is now driving through Eastern Switzerland with an eye-catching event vehicle. We wish you curious glances Read more
Leuchtreklame für Pub Appenzell

Neon sign for Pub Appenzell

For the Pub Appenzell we were able to supervise the implementation of an oval two-part neon sign decoration for the entrance area. The classically die-cut acrylic parts were illuminated on the inside with LED lighting elements and s... Read more
Logodesign für JAMBOREE 2019 der schweizer Pfadi

Logo design for JAMBOREE 2019 of the Swiss Scouts

The Swiss Scouts also sent a Scout delegation to the Jamboree in the USA. We were able to provide the motto and the associated design as a sponsor. As an old Pfädi -Pegasus- this naturally makes me particularly proud. Read more
Webseite Fahrschule HUMA

Website Driving School HUMA

We had already designed the previous website of the HUMA driving school back then. In 2019, the large variety was due for renewal. A website should be created that works more closely with Facebook and Instagram, enables digital boo... Read more
Sicherheitsbekleidung für Transportfirma

Safety clothing for transport company

From our extensive range for We were able to create warm and highly visible safety jackets for a transport company. The jacket is in neon yellow and has two reflector stripes Read more
Neue Webseite für Fanclub von Sabrina Sauder

New website for Sabrina Sauder's fan club

We were allowed to create a website with a merchandise shop for the fan club of pop singer Sabrina Sauder . The aim was to promote the fan club events, sell the merchandise items and also to build a platform for chart voting, etc... Read more
Flottenbeschriftung Appenzellerhof

Fleet lettering Appenzellerhof

For the Appenzellerhof we were allowed to provide the entire car fleet with rear window lettering. Thank you for your valued order. Read more
Seifenkiste im Appenzellerbier Look

Soapbox in Appenzeller beer look

Soapbox in Appenzeller beer look For the soapbox car builders around Marco Schneider, we were able to implement a super cool collaboration with the original designer of the Quöllbisch from Appenzellerbier. Many thanks to the Loch... Read more
Feuerzeuge für das Pub Appenzell

Lighters for the Pub Appenzell

The Pub Appenzell is the only pub in Appenzell where smoking is still allowed. It is very popular with young and old alike. We were allowed to design and produce a suitable giveaway for the pub. It was important at the beginnin... Read more
Promocaps für Schlager Gais

Promocaps for Schlager Gais

Promocaps for Schlager Gais Read more
Caps mit Wolfstickerei

Caps with wolf embroidery

Caps with wolf embroidery Design implemented, punched and embroidered according to specifications. Read more
Bestickte Caps für die Riethüsli Gugge St.Gallen

Embroidered caps for the Riethüsli Gugge St.Gallen

Embroidered caps for the Riethüsli Gugge St.Gallen Read more
Promo Caps bestickt für Swisca Appenzell

Promo caps embroidered for Swisca Appenzell

Promo caps embroidered for Swisca Appenzell Read more
Aussendienstfahrzeuge Gallus Media beschriftet

Gallus Media field service vehicles labeled

Gallus Media field service vehicles labeled Read more
Neue Autobeschriftung für Fahrschule HUMA

New car lettering for driving school HUMA

New car lettering for driving school HUMA Read more
Scherzshirts auf Wunsch oder als witzige Arbeit

Joke shirts on request or as a funny job

When we started designing joke shirts for Guggenmusik This was done out of pure joy for our own hobby. At some point we noticed that these shirts were also being ordered by people outside our club and we began to develop further ... Read more
Bestickte Promohemden für Greiner’s Akustik

Embroidered promo shirts for Greiner's Akustik

For We were allowed to embroider shirts for Greiner's Akustik . Thank you for the order! Read more
Impressionen Junggesellenabend-Tshirts

Impressions of bachelor party t-shirts

Again and again we are confronted with funny tasks when designing individual bachelor party t-shirts / clothing. We want to capture these for eternity: ... Read more
Weitere Guggen-Fan-Shirts

More Guggen fan shirts

Of course, our friends from the Guggen scene are always happy to make special #fanshirts. You will also find these in the shop category “ Joke and Motto Shirts ” Here are a few impressions: ... Read more
Fanshirts für Guggen Sousaphonisten

Fan shirts for Guggen sousaphonists

For the angry Guggen sousaphonists Fix, Donat, Michi and Simi we were allowed to design funny sousaphone shirts with their “saying idea” and print them in neon green on black shirt to produce. ... Read more
Vereins-Tshirts für Guggenmusik

Club t-shirts for Guggenmusik

We are also happy to design club t-shirts and help with cool and funny design suggestions so that your club has a great outfit. Read more
Softshelljacken bestickt für

Softshell jackets embroidered for

For the powernappers from Silentstudio Logout In St.Gallen we were allowed to embroider practical softshell jackets with winter lining. We thank you for the great order. Read more
Bedruckte Jeansjacken für s Sprengkommando Lisegroot

Printed denim jackets for the Sprengkommando Lisegroot

We were allowed to print cheeky denim jackets for the Sprengkommando Lisegroot. Thanks for the funny assignment. Read more
Freches Guggen-Tshirt

Cheeky Guggen T-shirt

Love and carnival are often very closely connected. One of our shirt design customers expresses this with a lot of humor: “I sleep with Tambi – and all the cows watch” is written on the funny joke shirt. Well, then have fun! Read more
Messebekleidung für Greiner’s Akustik

Trade fair clothing for Greiner's Acoustics

For a trade fair appearance at the Table Fair Bischofszell The exhibition team from Greiner's Acoustics still trendy trade fair clothing. With our direct-to-garment printer, we designed a bright T-shirt for Simon and his team – mat... Read more
Bedruckte “College-Style”-Jacke für

Printed “College Style” jacket for

For the carnival journalists of we were allowed to produce stylish college jackets. The jacket is printed using the digital direct-to-garment process and looks really chic... a real eye-catcher. Read more
Stylische Arbeitskleidung für Heliobus

Stylish workwear for Heliobus

The daylight artists of Heliobus from St.Gallen we were able to equip them with stylish polo shirts, which were printed with long-lasting plastisol transfer printing. We wish you continued sunny working! Read more
Bedruckte Bekleidung für Fasnachts-OK

Printed clothing for carnival committee

For the “ Lutere Gugger ” from Toggenburg we were allowed to produce trendy shirts, softshell jackets and shirts for their festival organizing committee. We thank you very much for the order and hope you had a great party ... Read more
Fanschal für Blackthunder Montlingen

Fan scarf for Blackthunder Montlingen

We would like to thank the bikers from “ Blackthunder Montlingen ” for the commission to design and produce their new club scarf. The machine-knitted fan scarf was delivered just in time for Christmas, so that bikers’ hearts an... Read more
WM Trikots für Pub Appenzell

World Cup jerseys for Pub Appenzell

We were able to come up with a very special goodie for the World Cup period in the Appenzell pub. We quickly converted the original World Cup jersey of our football heroes into a PUB version and offered the possibility to persona... Read more
Arbeitsshirt für Walter Wetter GmbH

Work shirt for Walter Wetter GmbH

The new work shirts for Walter Wetter GmbH should be comfortable to wear and come in bright red. The colorful logo should be printed optimally, but not come off immediately when washed, all at a good price and in a sm... Read more
Scherzshirt für Junggesellen-Abend

Joke shirt for bachelor party

For bachelor parties, we are always happy to help with the design of funny and unique shirts. Thank you very much for the funny assignment. Read more
Softshelljacke für Sicherheitsdienst

Softshell jacket for security service

For the cold nights in the field, TSB Security has opted for a particularly warm and flexible uniform for the new uniforms. Softshell jacket. Of course, these were also printed with durable screen-printed plastisol transfers. W... Read more
Windstopper-Jacket für Sicherheitsdienst

Windstopper jacket for security service

Sometimes it is simply too warm for a uniform softshell jacket and too cold for “just a T-shirt”. That's why we were allowed to design and print a lightweight windbreaker jacket for TSB Security for the off-season or as a suppl... Read more
Poloshirt für Sicherheitsdienst

Polo shirt for security service

We were able to design and produce new polo shirts for the security professionals at TSB Security as part of the complete new uniforms, where we were also able to produce and design other items of clothing. Thank you ... Read more
Expresshirt für Goalie des FC Appenzell

Express shirt for FC Appenzell goalkeeper

An express shirt was needed for a last-minute goalie replacement. Of course can help. A jersey was printed and delivered within 2 hours. Many thanks for the order and permission to publish the picture.... Read more
Promo Hemden für AIHolz

Promo shirts for AIHolz

The charcoal professionals at AIHolz have designed and created smart black promo shirts for your trade fair appearances. Thank you for the commission and permission to publish the pictures. ... Read more
Softshelljacken für Guggenmusik

Softshell jackets for Guggenmusik

We would like to thank our customers from the “Lutere Gugge” for their order and permission to publish the photos. 17.12.2018 Read more
Feuerzeuge für den Limousinenservice der Fahrschule Stardrive

Lighters for the limousine service of the Stardrive driving school

The Stardrive driving school has expanded its range and now also offers a limousine service. Feel like a star for once and be driven around in a limousine. In order to advertise the new service as effectively as possible, a givea... Read more
Gewerbepark Appenzell Projektwebseite

Appenzell Business Park Project Website

We were commissioned to design the new logo for the Appenzell business park and to create a website during the planning phase for the ambitious project. create online project advertising. After the project was modified, the busin... Read more
Grümpeli T-shirts für Brauerei Locher

Grümpeli T-shirts for Brauerei Locher

The Locher AG brewery in Appenzell is the team sponsor at the Grümpel tournament in Appenzell. The T-shirts were created using the plastisol transfer printing process according to the exact specifications of the marketing department... Read more
Neue Webseite für THE WINECELLAR

New website for THE WINECELLAR

The company " THE WineCELLAR " is characterized by a special expertise for fine wines. What was desired was a graphically appealing website with customizable price list and an extensive wine ABC, which should provide enough techni... Read more
Flottenbeschriftung für Elektro Schwyzer Appenzell

Fleet labeling for Elektro Schwyzer Appenzell

Fleet labeling for Elektro Schwyzer Appenzell Read more
Flottenbeschriftung für Computerfritz

Fleet labeling for Computerfritz

Fleet labeling for Computerfritz Bischofszell and Amriswil Read more
Balchenmalerei für SMS Spezialabbruch

Balchen painting for SMS special demolition

For SMS Spezialabbruch we were allowed to reprint an existing tarpaulin roof using stencil painting with the company logo. Read more
Blachenmalerei für Garage HIRN und Horisen

Tarpaulin painting for Garage HIRN and Horisen

For the HIRN rental car fleet, we were allowed to subsequently add HORISEN advertising to existing tarpaulin covers using stencils. Read more
Flottenbeschriftung für Computerfritz

Fleet labeling for Computerfritz

Fleet labeling for Computerfritz Read more

Apprenticeship work

We have specially wrapped our own assembly bus. Matt black finish with RGB print simulation in a party look. A real eye-catcher. Read more
Seifenwagen Racer für Peter Heierli & Co

Soap Car Racer for Peter Heierli & Co

Development of Red Goat Design based on an unnamed energy drink for the petting farm race in Gais Read more
Neonrakete für Fahrschule Mirella

Neon rocket for driving school Mirella

Neon rocket for driving school Mirella An eye-catching design that stays in people’s minds as an advertisement. Mirella’s green/black star rocket is well-known in the St.Gallen region. Read more
Promo Heckscheiben für Postplatz Festival

Promo rear windows for Postplatz Festival

For the Postplatz Festival we were allowed to produce promotional rear window stickers and send them on a trip all over Switzerland in a sticker campaign in the parking lot of the Appenzell beverage market in exchange for a beer. ... Read more
Bedruckte Softshelljacken für Carreise-Unternehmen

Printed softshell jackets for coach travel companies

We were able to create printed softshell jackets for an Appenzell coach travel company. The softshell jackets are printed using the plastisol transfer process. Read more
Promo Caps für Schweizer Fasnacht

Promo caps for Swiss carnival

Promo caps for Swiss carnival Read more
Promocaps für Nassner Run

Promocaps for Nassner Run

Promocaps for Nassner Run in screen printing Read more
Bestickte Team Caps für Aeschbacher Transport Appenzell

Embroidered team caps for Aeschbacher Transport Appenzell

Embroidered team caps for Aeschbacher Transport Appenzell Read more
Bestickte Promocaps für Mindway.AI

Embroidered promo caps for Mindway.AI

Embroidered promo caps for Mindway.AI Read more
Arbeits-Caps für Jung Baggerunternehmung

Work caps for Jung Baggerunternehmung

Work caps for Jung Baggerunternehmung Read more
Flottenbeschriftung für Heliobus

Fleet labeling for Heliobus

Fleet labeling for Heliobus - Field service vehicles Read more
Flottenbeschriftung Apotheke Romanshorn

Fleet labeling Pharmacy Romanshorn

Fleet labeling Pharmacy Romanshorn Read more
Autodesign und Beschriftung für Roth4Footh aus Herisau

Car design and lettering for Roth4Footh from Herisau

Car design and lettering for Roth4Footh from Herisau Read more
Firmentafel - Sichtbar weil "aagschrebe"

Company board - Visible because "aagschrebe"

For the agency " MEDIA Inception ", with whom we regularly work on the implementation of printed matter, signage and labels, we were also able to implement their company sign. Special: combination of matt laminated and glossy ele... Read more
Mitarbeiterauto zum üben beschriftet

Employee car labeled for practice

Our intern Beat was allowed to practice with Plotts on his private vehicle. Our conclusion: Sleek Read more
Spezialfolien für Spezialeffekte

Special films for special effects

Foil branding, matt foils with double application and a glossy design for the new company smart Read more
Ein weiteres Openairtaxi ist ready

Another open-air taxi is ready

Another open-air taxi is ready Read more
Openairtaxi Werbung

Openairtaxi advertising

Design and implementation of the open-air taxi Read more
Heckscheibe in Lochfolien Optik

Rear window in perforated foil look

With a perforated film, complete, detailed images can be displayed on a rear window Read more
Leuchtreklame für BERNEGGER Services

Neon sign for BERNEGGER Services

We were able to design and implement illuminated advertising for the brand new Bernegger ISS store in the Gutenberg Center in Herisau AR. Read more
Kühlwagenbeschriftung für Metzgerei Bühler

Refrigerated truck lettering for Metzgerei Bühler

We were allowed to design a logo and label a refrigerated truck for the traveling butcher Bühler. Read more

Apprenticeship work

Racing stripes and sponsorship logos for our apprentice Kevin. Read more
Neue Webseite für Fleur de Selina

New website for Fleur de Selina

Fleur de Selina is a service for fresh food that you can heat up yourself and for delicious catering. The company is also regularly present with market stalls or offers small delicacies as gifts in its own online shop. From th... Read more
Staff Tshirts für GADE World Appenzell

Staff T-shirts for GADE World Appenzell

For Patrick Schai, owner of Gadeworld Appenzell, we were able to create new T-shirts for his team in two bright colors. We would like to thank you very much for the order. Read more
Bestickte Hemden für INEL Data und Swiss Payroll

Embroidered shirts for INEL Data and Swiss Payroll

For the payroll professionals at Swiss Payroll and INEL Data, we have already had the pleasure of embroidering the collars of their trade fair uniform shirts several times with our super-fast MELCO embroidery machine. We thank you v... Read more
Neue Webseite für Schlaepfer Sanitärservice

New website for Schlaepfer Sanitary Service

Sanitär Schläpfer is a specialist for bathroom and kitchen maintenance and installations. The requirements for the website were simple: + visually appealing + low maintenance costs + clear + easy contact for every age group ... Read more
Instrumentenüberzüge Gugge-Sousaphone

Instrument covers Gugge-Sousaphone

Admittedly, confetti is somehow part of carnival. However, if these get into the instrument, it is annoying for the instrumentalist as well as for the audience. The Riethüsli Gugge is taking advantage of this situation to use the... Read more
Logo und Autobeschriftung für Art by Beat Zaugg

Logo and car lettering for Art by Beat Zaugg

Logo and car lettering for Art by Beat Zaugg Read more
Arbeitsbekleidung SIGNER AG Bedachungen Appenzell

Workwear SIGNER AG Roofing Appenzell

We were allowed to produce new company clothing for the company SIGNER Bedachungen Appenzell . The high-quality polo shirts  from Sol's were printed using the screen printing process. We were allowed to produce two different vari... Read more
Heckscheibenwerbung dezent

Rear window advertising discreet

Rear window advertising discreet Read more
Sponsorenhosen für Tischtennisclub SWIBRO Cup

Sponsor pants for table tennis club SWIBRO Cup

We are proud to be the sponsor of TTC SG (Table Tennis Club St.Gallen) and to be responsible for the TTC’s new club clothing. This just in time for the SWIBRO Cup. The St.Gallen table tennis club is now training with the bran... Read more
Entfernbare Heckscheibenbeschriftung

Removable rear window lettering

Do you want to change your rear window lettering or even leave it off? No problem with the labeled insert window. Discover innovative solutions for targeted customer communication with advertising panels! Please note that we cann... Read more
Kynologischer Verein Frauenfeld – Neue Gilets verhelfen zum Sieg

Cynological Association Frauenfeld – New gilets help to win

The Frauenfeld cynological association trains dogs and dog handlers and regularly takes part in competitions where they demonstrate their skills. The new Rally Obedience gilets from SIEGEL Reklamen must have at least had a supp... Read more
T-Shirt Beschriftung für R. Stieger – Abstrakte Malerei

T-shirt label for R. Stieger – Abstract Painting

For the artist “ R. Stieger Abstract Painting ” we were allowed to label new work clothes We thank you very much for the order! Read more


For the newly founded company we were able to create a webshop for the sale of jewelry, handbags and a portfolio that has grown and changed over the years. In the meantime, the shop has developed further with other part... Read more
Plotts are beautyful

Plotts are beautiful

Apprentice test application of fine plot lettering. Well done! Read more
Spezielle Sponsoring Aktion für Fasnacht Gais

Special sponsorship campaign for Fasnacht Gais

Special sponsorship campaign for Fasnacht Gais We were able to take over the design and productive implementation in the area of ​​sponsorship of this event especially for the carnival in Gais ! Of course, we came up with a ver... Read more
Spezialgefährt beschriftet (Kinderwagen)

Special vehicle labeled (stroller)

Special vehicle labeled (stroller) 🚼🌟🎸 Today I would like to tell you about a very special project that gave us a lot of joy. It's about the special vehicle lettering on a stroller that was labeled "Rockstar". 🤘 The stroller was... Read more

Craftsman design

You should see the "craftsman". Optical implementation for caretaker professionals. Read more
Autobeschriftung für Guggenfan

Car lettering for Guggenfan

A car completely in the design of your favorite Gugge. Implemented in bright NEON Read more
Vertrieb von Holzspielzeug über Webshop und Social Media

Sales of wooden toys via webshop and social media

The company " kreatives Holzmalwürmli " has been a customer of ours since the beginning of our company. The resourceful wood artist Erika Rohner creates cute children's toys, baby announcement boards and all kinds of other individ... Read more
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