Your evaluation strategy

Your evaluation strategy
Your evaluation strategy

Reviews help with purchasing decisions.

We all know this:
No matter whether it was a good meal in a restaurant, a fast delivery service, a particularly nice shirt, a punctual UBER driver or a good movie... - we rate it.

The 5 stars and sometimes even a nice accompanying text are part of it.
Incidentally, it is especially the accompanying text that makes an impression on Google & Co. and encourages other visitors to the order page to do more detailed research.

Because we all want to know exactly. ;)

But how do you, as a smart entrepreneur, get as many reviews as possible? And which review portal is the right one?

We personally have had very good experiences with PROVENEXPERT and CERTIQUA , but of course reviews directly on Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. are also a good thing.

It is important that you use it regularly and consistently.

Here are our tips for developing a good evaluation strategy:

+ Include the review link on your invoices and offers.

+ A link in the email signature ensures visibility

+ Actively point this out to customers during conversation

+ Embed link directly on the website

+ Request a review by email

+ Thank people for good reviews, e.g. via social media

+ Give away something small once a month among all reviews

+ Rating statistics e.g. on social media or on the website
praise (you can use self-praise here)

If you would like support in implementing your personal evaluation strategy,
then let us book an appointment and we will be happy to advise you!

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