Negative reviews are good for business

Negative reviews are good for business
Negative reviews are good for business
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You know where negative reviews are, you have reacted appropriately and shown yourself to be confident and insightful. How can this situation increase your sales?

Womply found in a study that customers rate star ratings between 3.5 and 4.5 stars most positively. This may sound illogical at first glance. Aren't 5 stars the ultimate?

In fact, potential customers will pay attention if a company only has top marks. After all, nobody is perfect, mistakes creep in here and there or a customer was simply too demanding. If you only have 5 stars, you quickly suspect that reviews are being deleted or faked. The most authentic is a healthy mix that still creates a predominantly positive overall picture.

Use the power of your critics

Negative reviews cost you money - that's a fact. If you let accusations hang without comment, you lose sales. Quick reactions can prevent this.

With these five simple guidelines, you can leave new customers feeling good with negative reviews:

1. Thank them for their feedback and sincerely apologize.
2. Ask politely if the situation is unclear or if you suspect that it is a fake.
3. If in doubt, have fake reviews deleted if they cannot be refuted.
4. Be willing to learn and be friendly.
5. If possible, offer compensation and/or announce what steps and changes you will take to prevent the mistake from happening again.

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The power to transform

So you have all the tools at your fingertips to turn bad reviews into a real booster for your business. Bundle reviews from all platforms to immediately become aware of negative feedback - a real-time overview of your reputation saves valuable time that you would otherwise spend looking for new reviews. React calmly and courteously. And you've already forged a sales killer into a powerful weapon that will keep existing customers loyal to you and convince new customers of your integrity. Of course, we like to do business with people who never make a mistake - but that's not realistic. That's why we pay close attention to how our counterparts deal with these mistakes.

So go ahead - use our calculator to check what impact your negative reviews have on your company today and react to the feedback.

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