NEW: Finance your advertising in installments with HEIDIPAY

NEW: Finance your advertising in installments with HEIDIPAY
NEW: Finance your advertising in installments with HEIDIPAY

From April 20, 2023, PAYMENT INSTALLMENTS of up to 24 monthly installments are possible in our shop

Heidipay is a simple card-based payment solution for installment purchases. Heidipay makes it possible to finance purchases with interest-free monthly payment plans of up to 24 months. Customers have the flexibility to pay over time.

Payment options

✅ One-time payment
✅ Installment payment ( up to 24 monthly installments possible )

Available payment methods

Requirements for end customersRequirements for end customers

+ End customers must be between 18 and 70 years old

+ Only Swiss citizens or customers with a Swiss
Residence permit B or C accepted

+ Customers with a residence permit B must have been living in Germany for at least 1 year
be resident in Switzerland

+Only Visa, Mastercard and Amex debit and credit cards are accepted.
issued by a Swiss bank accepted

+ Prepaid, EC and Maestro cards as well as from foreign banks
issued cards are not accepted

+ End customers must use a credit or debit card that matches their
name and not that of another person

How exactly does payment processing work with HeidiPay and what steps do end customers have to take to process a payment?

End customers only need a mobile phone and a credit or debit card. No registration or app download is required.

1. End customers select HeidiPay as payment solution in checkout

2. The desired number of installments is selected and confirmed
3. The mobile number is requested where a verification code is sent
4. Additional information will be requested and the address must be confirmed.
5. Card details are entered
(Only VISA, MASTERCARD and AMEX credit and debit cards issued in Switzerland are accepted)
6. End customers are redirected to Payrexx and the payment is completed

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