Experience report HYPNOSIS training

Experience report HYPNOSIS training
Experience report HYPNOSIS training

In autumn 2022, the idea took shape to explore the functionality and effect of language on our subconscious from a much more practical perspective, as a supplement to my NLP training and various sales trainer training courses in the past.

After a very impressive personal experience with my future trainer - Nicole Wackernagel from the Swiss Hypnosis Institute - the decision was clear. I will begin training to become a certified hypnotherapist.

I never had the intention of working as a "therapist" in the true sense of the word and this intention has not changed to this day.

In addition to the impressive experience of how verbal impressions can moderate a journey through the subconscious and how lasting impressions and manipulations can also be manifested in the waking state, the lessons in the hybrid form (Zoom classes on the home computer screen and a lot of learning material in video format for self-study) brought with them a great experience that was to have a more lasting impact on me than I knew at the time.

With a brilliant final weekend in January 23, the time had come after only 3 months of intensive study.
I was able to hold my certificate in my hands and at that point I knew one thing above all:

" This is where the journey actually begins "

Since then, I have continued to educate myself with a lot of reading material and experimental meetings with my new friends from the hypnotist scene, with the aim of incorporating the experiences from the first fleeting glimpses of how the human subconscious works into my own coaching and training courses in the areas of " sales training ", " communication " and " marketing psychology ", as well as " brand building ".

At this point I would like to say a big thank you to my fellow students, trainers and specialists from my time at the Swiss Hypnosis Institute in Frauenfeld. You have given me many insights into myself, my future and the functioning of the human subconscious that I would never have thought possible.

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