Advertising banners

Advertising banners
Advertising banners

Compared to a rigid sign, an advertising banner has the advantage that it is easier to transport and install and is considered a temporary installation. This means that even if it is larger than one square meter, no building permit is required.

However, it should still be noted that it must not, for example, affect traffic or restrict the visibility of residents.

What you should know when purchasing advertising banners and tarpaulins :

* Advertising tarpaulins are usually made of a PVC composite material .
However, there are already alternative hemp-based materials which
are more environmentally friendly.

* Advertising banners are now mostly produced using digital printing
You can imagine it like a large inkjet printer.
Not so long ago, this was still considered
Stencil painting with a color mixture, which the
Screen printing ink is not so foreign.
A complex and, at the time, very costly process.
In order for such digital printing ink to be and remain lightfast , it requires a
Advertising tarpaulin after the dried digital print a liquid
Laminate application , which causes the colour to fade due to sunlight
and protects against weather influences.

* PVC blended fabric is measured in grams per square meter.
The lower the grammage, the lighter and more susceptible to tearing the
PVC blended fabric tends to fray at the cut edges .
You can recognize good quality tarpaulins by the fact that the edges
folded over
and sewn or welded or even both.
Especially for short-term advertising campaigns, the omission of this finishing
an opportunity to save money.

* The edges of an advertising banner can be adjusted in various ways.
work. There are also mixed forms.
The most important are:

- Welding
- Provided with eyelets (a distinction is made where [top and bottom] or [right
and left] or [all around], they decide with a glance at the
Costs, which fastening option will be important for you in the future.

- Hollow seam (to be able to push ropes or tubes / rods etc. through)

* Especially when used as a sponsor tarpaulin, which tends to be
are hung indoors at an event, you should
Check the fire certification of the tarpaulin. A B1 certificate should be issued by
The manufacturer's pages can be easily accessed.

* What do you need to consider when creating the print data ?
Since tarpaulins usually represent a large-format printed product, it is recommended
both with images and with fonts and design elements with
vector-based data and good resolution . It reduces the
Creative time, which often has to be paid for.
Depending on the manufacturer, you will receive specifications such as " bleed ", " distance to
Margin" etc. which you should adhere to. In your graphics program, you should
such values ​​can be perfectly pre-set.
As long as you do not design oversized tarpaulins that limit the size
entire building sides, we recommend that you print the file in 1:1
Create original data and output it as a vectorized PDF .

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