Sousi Rhyno - the idea

Sousi Rhyno - the idea
Sousi Rhyno - the idea

It is well known that our managing director is a sousaphone fan and ecstasy carnival-goer .

When a group of equally frenetic Sousi fans bought out half of our Sousi-Badass shop , we created the Sousi-Rhyno .
A mascot befitting a sousaphonist.
Anyone who has such a mascot hanging on their Sousi and posts photos of it on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #sousirhyno automatically takes part in a prize draw.

But the raffle is only a small part of the story,
The big story is that we want to carry the message of the sousaphonist far out into the world, because sousaphonists are everywhere.

In this sense:
MORE BASS and see you soon, brothers of the deep tones

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