Joke shirts on request or as a funny job

Joke shirts on request or as a funny job
Joke shirts on request or as a funny job

When we started designing joke shirts for Guggenmusik This was done out of pure joy for our own hobby.
At some point we noticed that these shirts were also being ordered by people outside our club and we began to develop further designs.

It was a fun task for the apprentices to collect funny sayings, create graphic designs and upload them to the shop.
The first requests from site visitors caused the number of sayings offered to grow quickly. Subjects outside of the carnival theme were also added.

For example, professional groups such as Physician or chauffeur and electrician .
We are now receiving requests for the first shirts in French – so another task for the apprentices is “ designing jokes in French ”.
We were also allowed to open our doors to the carnival bars in Appenzell Motto shirts for the decorated restaurants create.

That we have received such a response Facebook and Instagram We never hoped to receive the joke shirts.
After all, we are actually a shop for Club clothing and working clothes – but of course it’s nice to gain some notoriety this way.

We are happy to continue designing joke shirts, Bachelor Party Shirts and other subjects – also individually according to customer requirements.

Just ask us!

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