New website for Fleur de Selina

New website for Fleur de Selina
New website for Fleur de Selina

Fleur de Selina is a service for fresh food that you can heat up yourself and for delicious catering. The company is also regularly present with market stalls or offers small delicacies as gifts in its own online shop.

From the very beginning, it was important to owner Selina Fischer to be able to manage the WordPress-based blog and shop system herself and to provide it with blog content.

After the graphic conception, a workshop was held, during which Ms. Fischer learned how to operate the website largely independently during the creation phase.

From the beginning, Ms. Fischer decided not to integrate a payment system into her shop system. However, it was important to her that this could be retrofitted at any time.

Easy communication between your social media channels and the website should also be part of the strategy.

Since 2017, Mrs. Fischer has been supplying the area around Bichwil / Flawil / Gossau SG with her delicacies and receives her work leads regularly and reliably via the website and social media appearances.

We provide maintenance through technical updates and a good backup service for the server environment.

A successful web project since its launch.

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