Well, THAT smells like success

Well, THAT smells like success
Well, THAT smells like success

It doesn't always have to be a sports car! Today we were allowed to label a pressure barrel. Vehicle lettering can also be really cool, even as cool as the new design for the new pressure barrels from Keller Agrartechnik in Herisau! 🚜💨

The days of boring, smelly vehicle lettering are over! It's time to get rid of this stuffiness and go for something special. Because why should we settle for boring lettering when we can have something unique? 🌟

Let's take the new design for Keller Agrartechnik's vehicle fleet, for example. Instead of a normal label with boring information and contact details, I'm introducing you to a foil that is bursting with creativity and humor! 🎨🤣 Cute animals complement the company's logo and invite you to find out more!

But wait a minute, why should vehicle lettering only be about aesthetics? A design can also be functional and put you in a good mood at the same time! Imagine you are on a farm in Herisau and have to find the right vehicle. Instead of laboriously comparing the numbers, you simply look for the vehicle with the funniest motif! 🐄🎉

And speaking of Herisau - who says that vehicle lettering always has to be sober and factual? Let's bring the city of Herisau into the world of special vehicle designs! #HerisauRocks #LetteringFun

So, dear readers, let's start a revolution in the world of vehicle lettering together! No more boring designs, bring on the cool, funny and unique foils! Because vehicle lettering doesn't have to stink - it can also smell like a fresh summer meadow! 🌺🌞

With that in mind: May the labeling magic be with you!

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