Language is an amazing tool.

The right words go straight to our hearts and can trigger emotions and decisions, build trust, and make or break friendships.

As copywriters, we deal intensively with the function and possible uses of language, because our job is to write the right text for your company's appearance. Be it a slogan or claim for your corporate identity (CI) or the right text for your sales flyer.

The wording of a company's appearance should be just as consistent and consistent as the graphics and actions of successful teams.

With the right words, we shape the philosophy, interaction and culture of your communication.

In our sales seminars , we even go one step further and deal with the subconscious functions of language.
This area also comes into play when we create texts and terms for your company.

That is why we invite you to “ ONE WORD

What exactly is copywriting?

Copywriting is the linguistic implementation of advertising texts and, in general, texts that are tailored to a specific target audience.


Explanation of terms “slogan”, “claim”, “tagline”

Slogan is a catchy sentence or sentence fragment, which is usually assigned to a logo or signet.


Is finding a company name also copywriting?

Yes. It is actually the pinnacle of verbal marketing, as it involves the art of combining the essence of a company or product in one or very few words that will become a brand name.


Google friendly texts

Presenting a topic perfectly and understandably in a text is one thing, but then reformulating this text so that it is filled with the necessary search terms and keyword density to make the text appear "relevant" to a search engine is another level of copywriting art. Suitable software or, more recently, AI generators are often used for this.


Keywords and ad texts

Search terms are often not what the service provider chooses to use as a name. Keyword research uses search engine analysis to find out which search terms your target group enters to find your specialist topic. Your website texts are then revised based on these text modules and search terms.

Ad copy is different again, as advertising systems from search engines and social media platforms often have very strict rules for wording and text length.


Writing speeches

Texts that are to be presented to an audience often have a completely different language.
They must be appropriate for both the target audience and the content, but should also be tailored to how they should be emphasized and presented, depending on the genre and speaker.


Texts in rhyme form

Rhymes, meter, speech rhythm and art forms of poetry are a special art within copywriting.



Reading existing texts and recording optimizations and helpful comments for text adaptation by the author is an important part of the process of creating professional texts, technical books, speeches and product descriptions.

Keynote Speaker

Our Managing Director - Simon Widmer - is happy to give keynote speeches on marketing and communication topics,
social media & social selling or design questions.

With sufficient lead time, demonstrations and live presentations, as well as inclusion in panel discussions or couch rounds, can also be planned.

For entertainment at events, as a show act, we ask for a lead time of at least six months if a direct connection to the event is desired.


Our managing director - Simon Widmer - has many years of experience as a conferee and moderator at large events and will be happy to lead you through your event or act as a presenter for your video presentations.

If you give us enough lead time, we as an agency are also happy to take over the general wording of the presentation texts and interviews.

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