Simon Widmer


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  • Primary School Amriswil
  • Secondary School Amriswil
  • Cantonal School Romanshorn (Linguistics)
  • Commercial apprenticeship with vocational baccalaureate
  • Study French
  • Study English
  • Head of Call Center Dipl. Ing. Fust
  • Pension advisor at Swisslife / Rentenanstalt
  • Client Advisor UBS
  • Advertising agency NEMUK (email marketing)
  • Advertising agency BINFO GmbH (member of the management)
  • Specialist diploma course in Social Media Management
  • Self-employment from 2014
  • Training Sales & Communication Trainer IBF
  • Training as a photographer / videographer
  • Training to become a drone pilot
  • Training as a 3D Matterport photographer and Treedis 3D stager
  • Further training as a hypnotherapist
  • NLP training


As a creative mind, every project for our clients starts with me and passes through my office again and again, from the sketchbook to the delivery.
I understand communication and consulting as a holistic concept which, if it works well, will rock the stage of your market - no matter how big it is.

Language and how we express ourselves is particularly important to me. That is probably why the subject of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is so important to me.

Appreciation, subconscious feelings and subtle messages between the lines also play a major role in marketing.

For exactly this reason, I completed my training as a hypnotist in 2022. It is important to me to get to the bottom of my own positioning - but also the positioning of my clients.

Because every journey begins with the first step - and you should take it consciously so as not to lose sight of your goal.

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I find balance in sport or music. Whether it's loud, groovy Guggen music or soulful piano music, it all depends on the mood and situation. I recharge my batteries when I go hiking and enjoy nature in the nearby Alpstein, and when I stop off at a mountain inn, I enjoy the conviviality and charm of Appenzellerland.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, my newest hobby "drone flying" has gripped me and is now even finding its way into my professional activities


We cannot NOT communicate!
Body language, smell, posture, facial expression, clothing, movement, facial expressions, word,
Writing, sound, tone, music, images, colors...
Human nature is richly gifted with opportunities to express oneself.
I see my calling as a communications consultant in
to support and accompany in
Process of " being better understood "
that every person goes through and often
begins anew when we meet new people,
Meet projects and challenges.
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WEiTSICHT Design Agency GmbH



In 2014, Simon Widmer’s path unexpectedly led him from being an employee to becoming self-employed.

He only had a few days to decide whether he wanted to take over the agency where he was employed or whether he wanted to be unemployed and look for a job.

As we know today, he chose the former and founded the company Markething LTD.

Only a few years later, it became SIEGEL Reklamen GmbH, and together with his then wife, both the design business and the advertising technology division were built up - for many years even as a training company.

Change of location from Bischofszell to Güttingen/Bottighofen, to Amriswil, Muolen and finally to Appenzell for almost 7 years.

Most recently, during the Corona pandemic, the company moved to its own building in Haslen AI, where it was renamed WEiTSICHT Designagentur GmbH, or for short.

Personal reasons led to another move - again to rent - to the historic "black house" in Herisau AR.

After Simon Widmer suffered a serious cancer illness in 2023 and was absent for several months, the company has been reorganizing itself since March 2024 and has returned - at least in terms of location - to its old shores in Appenzell.

The new company headquarters has been at Ronis 5 in Appenzell since March 1, 2024. The focus of the activities is still on providing marketing activities, but with a greater emphasis on training courses and digital customer support.



The birth and life of a brand is a small miracle.
The areas of tension in communication range from design, text, photography, moving images, employee management, job advertisements, events, online presence, training offers and trade fairs to many other personal points of contact that accumulate in the history of a company.

Every single moment is precious, every moment can be accompanied and thereby help the brand to develop an image. We at Weitsicht see ourselves as midwives, sidekicks and sparring partners for the entire lifespan of a brand and are pleased that you are interested in learning about design and its effects on your visibility. Immerse yourself in our broad spectrum of visual communication, digital communication and the strategic approaches behind it.

Our small agency specializes in four areas for you:


No matter whether you are the founder of a startup, or are taking over a company, or simply want to take stock of your situation. We examine your past, analyze your "here and now" and work with you to develop scenarios and plans for the future. Design in words, images and sound are the tools of communication used, print and digital formats are your stage and the strategy is your script.

Become the director of your future!


visual communication

Design is communication. Wherever we design something, be it a text, an image, a photograph, a melody or a video – you are communicating with the viewer or recipient of this message.
Design in all these forms is our passion. The professionalism of our work is reflected in the ability to use strategy and planning to ensure the consistency of your message and to plan and bring about the response to the message. In this sense, we are translators of dreams that become plans and implemented actions through design.

Dream with us!


Social Media

Design has developed over the years. From painting and the art of writing, the mechanical form of depiction developed - communication with print. With the rise of digital communication, people conquered the Internet and introduced a new level of communication - faster, more mobile, location-independent, networked - digital.
With the emergence of social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), people have become a little closer to each other on the digital level and have developed ways of exchanging information,
which have expanded human communication in many facets.

At Weitsicht, we have been playing the keyboard of these facets since the very beginning of our company.
We accompany you as you leave your brand footprint in the digital world and are available to help you create your digital identity and manage your social media communication
We are your personal guide through the adventurous world of digital communication.

Hike with us!

Mental communication

With his training in NLP and hypnotherapy, Simon Widmer laid the foundation for a new facet of consulting in 2022, which is becoming increasingly important in today's world.

Keywords such as " non-violent communication ", " appreciative leadership" and " business and mental positioning ", " entrepreneurial self-love " and " balanced challenge management " are at the heart of our consulting and focus on the person.

Where communication begins and arrives!



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Our partners

The company is our reliable partner for accounting, payroll and contact with authorities and offices. As a BEXIO partner, they make it easy for us to concentrate on the creative part of our work - because they take care of the numbers - thank you

The company is our reliable partner when it comes to the installation of ticket bookings, event marketing and visitor management. – Feel free to ask us, we would be happy to work with Ticketino to provide your guests with a great booking experience.

The company Raidboxes is our first choice when it comes to choosing quality web hosting for WordPress sites.

But the professionals from Münster are so much more than just hosting partners. When it comes to the high-performance operation of a website, an e-commerce presence, or troubleshooting or the smooth migration of a website, they are there to offer advice and, above all, action.

The L-Shop Team company is our reliable supplier for all kinds of textiles. Whether it's promotional textiles, club textiles, work textiles, safety clothing or cool accessories, we'll find what we're looking for and the friendly team is always happy to provide you with the necessary information in a timely manner.

The company Promobox is a reliable partner for giveaways and promotional material. The friendly team usually has suitable samples on hand and can advise if someone has special requests.

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