Strategic communication

Market analysis

Whether the time is right for an idea depends not only on you, but on the market you want to enter. Whether and if so – HOW – you should present and establish yourself in a market depends on many indicators.

With our market analysis workshop, we will examine together with you which
What prerequisites must be met and whether these can be found, what challenges you and your project may face and what precautions need to be taken to ensure this.

If you want to describe the launch of a product or the founding of a company as a journey, then in our market analysis workshops we will write the itinerary with you

Are you ready for the journey?

Sales strategy

The best product needs awareness and visibility to be purchased.
But even then, ongoing planning and support are needed to ensure the distribution of a product or service.

Topics such as lead management, sales documentation, contract management, after-sales processes, customer service, returns and complaints management, as well as questions about possible cross- and upselling need to be organized, planned, managed and controlled.

We advise you from the idea to the finished sales organization and are also happy to support you during the ongoing project.

A good sales organization is comparable to an airplane cockpit, the pilot has everything under control and the journey is relaxed from takeoff to every landing.

Are you ready to climb into the cockpit of your organization with us?


Give me a [fixed] point where I can stand and I will move the earth,” the Greek mathematician and physicist Archimedes is said to have said.

Well, in marketing it's not much different.
Take a fixed, defined position and you can plan where your journey will take you.

Brand building starts with a clear statement of who you are, what you do [and don’t do], who your target customers are and what market you want to operate in.
With the security of the framework created and fixed in this way, you can plan and build. They influence the design, wording, tone and mood with which the brand works and communicates.

Are you ready to shake up the world with us?

Founder coaching

Starting a company is a brave thing.

Making mistakes is part of it.
Nevertheless, it is good to know that many others have already made these mistakes and that one or two mistakes could be avoided with a professional at your side who advises you and sometimes takes on the role of both the angel and the devil on your shoulder.

When supporting company founders and product inventors, we see ourselves more as wingmen in the start-up phase, as sparring partners for issues relating to brand identity, sales strategy, media work, internal marketing and all other matters that shape the character and perception of a company/product.

Our work here is based on both proven coaching methods and moderated scenario games and, in conjunction with the courses from our training segment and concrete pending issues that arise for the marketing of a startup, brings an efficient launch phase and basic security for the initial period afterwards.

The founder benefits not only from our technical expertise, but also from our network and our strong partners, who have already supported many founders in starting their own business.

Are you ready to enter the launch phase with us?


It often makes sense to simulate big steps in a company.

Strategy games can also be practiced regularly as brain training to maintain mental agility and promote team spirit

We are happy to offer you various games or find a tailor-made game scenario for you.

My staff and I will take on roles in the game, direct the game or accompany the supporting program (catering, breaks, award ceremonies, etc.) according to your wishes.

Are you ready to play with us?

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