Visual (visible) communication {design}

Visual (visible) communication {design}

We often don’t even perceive design as such.

And actually, that's a good thing, because then it turns out so naturally that you don't discover a primary intention behind the end result.

But we notice consciously or subconsciously when design “doesn’t fit”.

We encounter design in the typesetting of documents, in photographs in magazines or on the Internet, on product packaging, in the shape and material of products, etc.

Design forms the interface between the user and a thing.
The technical term “usability” could be applied to all situations in life, because if design is good, it explains itself; if contact with it is productive and pleasant – it is consistent.

As graphic designers, we try to design different media, digital or offline, text or image, video or still image for you in such a way that it serves its purpose and, ideally, results in a pleasant reception [perception] for you.

The size of the project is not important. We are happy to advise and serve you from business cards to catalogs, from product packaging to book covers, from birthday invitations to T-shirt design.

Our guided process guarantees a uniform, standardized approach and an efficient creative process, which offers the opportunity to intervene and provide input at any time and to be up to date with your project.


Capture a moment for eternity.

Capture the moment with the click of the shutter and create a keepsake for eternity through optimal processing of the images.

Photography is so much more to us.

We would be happy to assist you with photographs for your social media profiles, product photographs or image series for print products such as catalogues or brochures.

Using state-of-the-art 3D cameras, we create walkable, interactive plans of properties or capture your buildings, events, products and employees forever using complex 4K photography drones.

In the age of content marketing, good images are the currency and the emotions they evoke are the reward for good image communication.

Whether in the studio, at events or at your location,
our photographers capture what your audience needs to see – for eternity.

Selective focus of beautiful model on camera display in photo studio


Video has become an indispensable part of our multimedia world.

Image videos, explanatory videos, live streams, video conferences, drone videos, video animations, event reports, music videos, educational videos…

Moving images capture our attention; they reach us,
bring life and comprehensibility to our communication.

With our modern video studio in Flawil SG and a team of motivated videographers, we can also equip your project with top-class moving images.

Discuss your project with us without any booking obligation!

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