Laser engravings

Laser engraving / laser cutting

Using large and small laser machines, we carry out large-scale contour cuts for signage and signs with millimeter accuracy, based on any vector template.

Engraving various materials such as acrylic, wood, leather, slate, various stones, various metals, cardboard, MDF, paper, etc. is also possible and offers wonderful implementation options, as you can see in the gallery on the page of some of our projects.

We start from edition 1 up to large series.

We work very closely with our customers to implement the laser files and sample the materials so that the end result is as unique as this creative form of long-term labeling and art.

What do you need for a laser engraving project?

If you bring your own materials for engraving, please note that we need at least one piece (preferably 3-5) to make an accurate material determination of how thick your material should be engraved or cut.

For lettering, it is recommended to have already selected the font and, ideally, to bring it with you as an OTF or TTF file.

Images are best implemented when they are vectorized.

If there is no design yet, please note that we have to charge for the design hours according to our rate list . This also applies to fonts that have not been converted to paths or images that have to be vectorized first.

Sometimes, especially with photos, it is necessary to first convert them into a line graphic or a so-called engraving in order to have suitable image data for laser engraving.

Laser engraving takes time!

The slower the laser can move and the more of the 100% available energy is set, the deeper and more beautiful the contrast can be. The laser compatibility of the material in particular limits the power that can then be effectively used.

In our shop you will find laser materials that we recommend and some of which we have already tested.

When it comes to promotional items and promotional gifts, it is really advisable to carry out a thorough material test before starting mass production.

We work with modern machines from FLUX Laser. The following video gives a brief insight into the possible applications.

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