Sponsorship for the Fasnacht Gais

Sponsorship for the Fasnacht Gais
Sponsorship for the Fasnacht Gais

For the Fasnacht Gais , we were able to act as a sponsor for the fourth time this year. Fasnacht Gais is a model example when it comes to sponsorship. Every year, original Advertising media selected, which are individually printed with the desired motif of the respective sponsor. The items are handed over to the respective sponsor after the festival and they can continue to use them for their own purposes.

In 2017, it was decided that as an advertising medium Deckchairs want to do. Together with our specialists in the field of promotional items, the details of the project were carefully planned and prepared for implementation. Deck chairs were selected that are familiar from beach holidays or après-ski - wooden deck chairs with a fabric deck. These are characterized by their stability, durability and, above all, their comfortable deck.
In order to start production, we first had to clarify with each sponsor what kind of motif they wanted on their sponsored deck chair. Some simply used the company logo, others opted for a different design. This could of course also be implemented by our design professionals according to the sponsor's wishes. The deck chairs made a lasting and original impression on the visitors to the carnival event, who made good use of the seating.

Our sponsorship deck chair has also been given a venerable place here in Appenzell and is used again and again for external marketing purposes.

For the following year, it was decided that as a sponsorship promotional item, printed sun sails . Sun sails can be very versatile, which meant that important details had to be discussed in advance. The design and subsequent implementation was prepared and implemented by our specialist. The individual sun sails then decorated the location at the Gais Fasnacht and provided shade and a special ambience.

As we all know, after the party comes the party.
So you have already thought about which promotional item you want to surprise your loved ones with next year. In our range we offer a very wide selection of articles But we are always open to new ideas and always find a solution to implement new ideas, just like this year. The idea was, following the same principle as last year, Hammocks to be used as promotional items. These were also individually printed according to the sponsors' templates and served as decorations, which were attached to the ceilings.

This year, the carnival in Gais took place under the motto " Olympia Gais 2019 " because the Olympics were a big topic this winter. Firstly, because the previous year the Winter Olympics took place in Pyeongchang and secondly because Sion was a candidate for the 2026 Winter Olympics, but this was rejected in a referendum. The motto was a wink towards Valais, with the message: " We already have an Olympics ".

The entire village was transformed into an Olympic village. Olympic flags and banners decorated the small village in Appenzellerland and created an Olympic atmosphere.

This year’s sponsorship items were Beach flags selected - as usual, individually printed for each sponsor. We then produced and delivered these in time for Carnival 2019. The beach flags visualized the sea of ​​flags at the Olympics at Carnival, only here there were sponsors on the flags instead of country flags. After the festival, these were also handed over to the sponsors, as every year.
Today, many a beach flag will decorate a company or a restaurant, especially since beach flags are eye-catching and original advertising media anyway.

We are particularly pleased that we have already agreed to be a sponsor for the 2020 anniversary edition. We are particularly pleased about this because we are part of the Guggenmusik Gääser Moohüler , who come from the same village, are also represented as sponsors for their 20th anniversary CD.

We would like to thank Fasnacht Gais once again for the great and exciting orders that we were able to carry out and we are already looking forward to next year!

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