Incentives / promotional gifts - stay in people's minds

Incentives / promotional gifts - stay in people's minds
Incentives / promotional gifts - stay in people's minds

In the fast-paced times we live in, our memory span is getting shorter and shorter. We experience too many new, exciting, thrilling and entertaining things every minute and new media bombard us with a constant stream of incessant information.

You can think whatever you want about it, as an entrepreneur of an SME or as an event manager, club with an event etc. you want one thing above all:
Stay in your customers’ minds.

But how do you do that?

From depth psychology we know the concept of ANCHOR.
A technical term that is also often used in NLP, neuro-linguistic programming, which is the science behind marketing language.

An anchor is, to put it simply, a reminder or, in modern terms, a TRIGGER! But how do I make such an anchor?

If I want to be constantly reminded of a certain target group, then a good approach would be to find an item that this target group needs and uses again and again and to design and distribute it as a promotional gift.
A promotional gift is always particularly valuable if my customer keeps it for a long time, preferably forever, because he gets added value from it.

Good examples are:

Target group smokers : lighters

Target group: restaurant visitors : placemats, beer mats, printed glasses and cups, etc.

Target group office workers : ballpoint pens and office supplies with print.

If you would like to design a personally cool gadget as a promotional item, then browse through our catalog or take a look at the gallery below with some of our references.

Mini hip flask

Battery charger

Battery charger

Club scarf

Tea drinking bottle

Energy drinks


Cooler bag

Hip flask

Folding meter


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