Belt buckles and hip flasks for the Pub Appenzell

Belt buckles and hip flasks for the Pub Appenzell
Belt buckles and hip flasks for the Pub Appenzell

The Pub Appenzell makes special and unusual Small gifts for the employees. These are unique items that cannot be purchased and are intended exclusively for the staff.

In a consultation with the owner of the Pub Appenzell After an extensive search for ideas, it was possible to decide which gifts one would like to have produced – Flat man with laser engraving and belt buckles in various print or laser variants.

In order to personalize items with the laser, a file must always be created that is specifically designed for the printer. This allows the printer to read it precisely and laser it precisely according to the specifications. We can create these ourselves in our company with trained employees. This means that a product can then be manufactured directly here in Appenzell with one of our two lasers. On the one hand, you can choose between the fiber laser, which is ideal for marking metals, and on the other hand, the CO² laser, which is ideal for marking non-metallic materials. We can therefore cover almost all areas of laser engraving!

We engraved the hip flasks in the Appenzell pub with a fiber laser. We produced three different versions of the belt buckles. One with a luxed direct print, which is colored. Others we also engraved with a fiber laser in a normal black engraving. The third ones we engraved with a special gold patina mode, which has a slightly shimmering gold appearance.

After a short production period, the finished products were handed over to Pub Appenzell after just a few days.

We would like to thank Pub Appenzell for this great commission!

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