Lighters for the limousine service of the Stardrive driving school

Lighters for the limousine service of the Stardrive driving school
Lighters for the limousine service of the Stardrive driving school

The Stardrive driving school has expanded its range and now also offers a limousine service. Feel like a star for once and be driven around in a limousine. In order to advertise the new service as effectively as possible, a giveaway campaign was to be carried out. As the owners of the Stardrive driving school are smokers themselves, it was obvious that we should be allowed to produce printed lighters. Of course, the fact that the target audience of "smokers" keeps lighters for a very long time also played a role in the decision, meaning that a long-term advertising effect can be achieved.

The initial design was created by an external designer. Siegel Reklamen then took over the adaptation of the design for an optimal print result and optimized the legibility of the font. Experience has shown that not every design that looks good on the screen also has the same effect in advertising print. We are happy to analyze this together with the customer after one or more test prints in order to achieve the optimal design effect.

It was a black lighter We chose an electric lighter, which is particularly practical for women with long fingernails, as the nails do not break so easily. We printed the lighter on both sides. On one side is the limousine with the telephone number and on the other the logo with the contact details. The whole thing was designed in a pink color palette in accordance with the logo of the limousine service.

We produced the lighters on an express basis because they wanted to advertise them as soon as possible. Several thousand lighters were shipped within a week. Thanks to UV digital printing technology, rapid production is possible at a very cost-effective price. This type of printing also has the advantage of being very scratch-resistant.

We would like to thank the Stardrive driving school again for the great order!

Would you also like to have lighters printed?

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