Lighters for the Pub Appenzell

Lighters for the Pub Appenzell
Lighters for the Pub Appenzell

The Pub Appenzell is the only pub in Appenzell where smoking is still allowed. It is very popular with young and old alike. We were allowed to design and produce a suitable giveaway for the pub.

It was important at the beginning that we agreed in a consultation with the pub owner on an effective and meaningful giveaway It turned out that the perfect giveaway is a lighter. Firstly, because every smoker needs a lighter and therefore always carries one with them, which is why the lighter has a great advertising effect. Experience has also shown that it is a product that has a positive effect on the customer and that they use and appreciate it for a long time.

We also discussed the ideal quantity and looked at where the best price-performance ratio lies. Together we then came to the conclusion that the ideal quantity required per year is around 5,000-10,000 printed lighters in Pub Appenzell design.

We have a yellow lighter because the color yellow also appears in their logo. We chose black for the print and font because it should be easy to see and, above all, read.

In order to get lighters into circulation as quickly as possible and avoid long waiting times, we delivered the several thousand lighters in stages. This meant that customers did not have to pay shipping costs and the first lighters could be delivered after just a few days. It is always important to us that we can offer customers as much added value as possible.

The lighters were printed with our UV flatbed printer. This type of printing was chosen because it is very scratch-resistant and therefore guarantees long-lasting visibility of the print. It is also a very cost-effective way of printing without losing any quality.

We would like to thank Pub Appenzell again for the great order!

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