Driving school Knupp vehicle lettering

Driving school Knupp vehicle lettering
Driving school Knupp vehicle lettering

Anyone who books their driving lessons at the Knupp driving school in Speicher in the future can now do so in a driving school car that has been newly labelled by us. A few weeks ago, the owner of the Driving school Knupp , Urs Knupp, came to us with a labeling request. Together with him and our car wrapping experts, his ideas were compiled and an initial visualization was created, which was also used as a proof of execution. The complete design was then created and nothing stood in the way of the foiling.

Vehicles that often travel on public roads can be used optimally as advertising space. No matter where you drive - the car will be noticed by passers-by and other road users. When designing, care is taken to comply with the customer's CI and also to comply with road traffic regulations. Our foiling experts also advise the customer on material selection and project budget.

Even if you are just parking in a parking space, a labeled car still has an advertising effect. When choosing materials, we consider criteria such as the durability of the print and the foil, the interchangeability of elements, regulations for advertising in road traffic, design guidelines and much more. For this reason, it is extremely important how a design is designed. If the budget, design and advertising effect are all in line, the implementation can be planned.

Once everything was prepared and approved, we were ready to go. We produced and prepared all the prints required. A time frame was chosen with the customer to suit them so that their daily business would be affected as little as possible. The car was handed over to us and we were able to start work straight away. A basis for an optimal end result is that the areas where the foil is to be applied are thoroughly cleaned of road dirt so that the foil can adhere optimally to the paint and the vehicle. Otherwise, the applied foils would quickly lose their adhesion due to dirt and moisture, as well as weather influences, and come off again. Our labeling specialists use special cleaning agents for this, which protect the paint and guarantee optimal adhesion during subsequent foiling. The foils were then applied with the utmost precision and care and the car was finished.
After just under two hours, the car was ready for pickup and Urs Knupp was able to take his vehicle with him again.

When it comes to vehicle lettering, we place great importance on the work being carried out quickly, but still with the highest standards for the end product. We work according to the guidelines of the advertising technicians' professional profile and are committed to the guidelines of the Code of Practice from the Association VWP (Association for Advertising Technology + Print) , which sets the quality and safety standards for our industry.

We would like to thank the Knupp driving school for this great and exciting assignment!

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