A little lesson from the scriptures…

A little lesson from the scriptures…
A little lesson from the scriptures…

If you use text in your print data, you should make sure that the fonts are embedded in the file. This means that all relevant information about the font is saved in the file.

In many print files, the error occurs that fonts or font styles are completely missing. To avoid this, the fonts must be embedded in the document. This is actually done automatically depending on the program settings. To be on the safe side, you should convert all fonts to paths or curves.

Sometimes embedding has to be done manually, for example when using special fonts.

In Word, for example, it works like this:

If you want to save Word documents including embedded fonts, proceed as follows:

1. In the main menu under the “File” tab, click “Options” in the menu bar.

2. In the window that opens, select “Save” from the menu bar.

3. In the paragraph “Maintain accuracy when sharing this document”, it is best to select “All new documents” from the drop-down menu.

4. The option “Embed fonts in the file” must be checked. Please deselect the checkboxes for the two sub-items “Only embed characters used in the document” and “Do not embed general system fonts”.

And of course confirm with the OK button.

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