Save printing costs by using preprinted stationery and forms

Save printing costs by using preprinted stationery and forms
Save printing costs by using preprinted stationery and forms

Did you know that using pre-printed stationery is a smart way to reduce printing costs? Here is some additional information that can help you save even more:

- The more colorful your stationery is, the faster a pre-printed document will pay for itself. In offset printing, pre-printed elements always cost the same, regardless of the amount of color. In digital office printing, fixed click prices can be agreed with the printer manufacturer, which is particularly common with larger printing systems with all-in service contracts. For small office printers with variable toner or ink costs, high color coverage can lead to cartridges running out quickly and high costs.

- Larger office printers tend to have lower running costs, which also makes printing company logos cheaper. Small office printers often have high ink cartridge costs compared to the price of the device. Large digital printing and copying systems often operate with a fixed cost per printed page, even with low ink coverage. Companies with outsourcing partners for the printer fleet often pay a fixed price per printed page.

- A higher annual consumption makes preprinted forms more sensible. In offset printing, the price per sheet falls as the order quantity increases, as set-up costs are spread over a larger print run. When printing yourself, the price per print remains constant, which is why the cost savings decrease with larger quantities.

Concrete numbers can help you better understand the savings. Calculations based on examples can be used to determine the annual printing costs using different methods.

Use these tips and tricks to optimize your printing costs and save more money!

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